Finnish hymn

There is a wind walking beside me
Hand in a hand playing in my hair
Dreams of things are lost on the bottom
Dreams of past are posters framed on the wall

The bottle blows its lonely whistler
In through the glass the empty whisperer's hear
Dust and particles all dancing
Waltzing, tango, rumba all the way up to the top

A knife once never used
A kid without a soul
Armour naked nude
Non national

Things brought back by the past
Beast better eat before date best
Loving in the meadow roses

Impassive the release emptying the bottle
Quiet toes are whispering while playing in the sand
Lenses watching at souls, aaaaaaaaaahhh, feasting
Our specimen has locked itself on the wrong side of the wall

The lion peeing in his territory
Non shall pass past the post
Things he got to help him maintain
technique help him stay in tune in war

Justice for the poor
Feeding the hungry child
Cloths to the naked man
Life to the dead

You never ask na na na na
A teardrop on the map
Some dotted lines lying on the desk

Kind of makes you happy to be human the end

There is a wind walking before me
Passing people like they've never been there before
Seeing twinkling stars in their eyeballs
Foreign galaxies being light years ahead

The start