Dating Miss November

Met her a Tuesday, instantaneous crush, felt my juices pumping
A smile to die for, a body divine, I still get warm remembering
Got her a drink, got her to laugh, finally got her number

Theaters & concerts, flowers & wine, this lass cost a fortune.
But oh it was worth it cause after a while, I got into her panties.
And it was pure euphoria waiting for me down under. 

Days of glory, nights of ecstasy. Then gradually, truth sneaked up on me.

Time to turn back. This girl is gone, I tell you.
You can not imagine what I realized.

Rivers flow but tides won't change. There's no face but what we make. 
Knives and thongs will make it better.
You're watching the show and the crying clown you're laughing at is you.

Puking her way to happiness,
the only reason for her not to slash her wrists is that the scars would prevent her from being a beautiful corpse