Rage Desertstörm

The train splash the landscape
Steel and ash, roaring thunder
Roll above, see to here comes - man with his cape -
Wisdom, cargo rolls by
[Hidden] among barrels there's a
Kid named O.F. Art Le Suné
Engine works - on and on - over youths

na, na, na, na, na, na, na

A horse, car plods through the
Muddy paths, while master whip him
Cotton balls, knut to his knees - foggy tree tops -
Tradition, world made up by minds
[Control] you head, lock what it sings
Our old dad, told to love it - inte to find -

	Horrible people scarying children with
	Bedtimestories: "knock your self out kid but
	I - me - your God would not leave this station
	I will do you harm if you don't do as

say to you, mitt folk."
Motor pumps and the train's still smashing

dan dom, da-dom, dan dom, da-dom...

The wind rolls o' lost tracks
Wounded skies crying through night
No one heard histories voices - gamla gubbar -
History, rolls o' lost tracks
Muddy paths, [while] masters whip 'em
Look who's here [the] man with his cape
Futures bris - in our lungs now - once was...

	Stories 'bout freedom war keeps us freer så jäkla fria
	So cream out the worlds, rage