In the beginning there was darkness. The world was a place of war and oppression. From the moment day broke to the second the moon rose from it's coffin people fought to survive, and yes, brother killed brother, for this was an age of blood.

Then, suddenly, a light could be noticed. It shone carefully at first, as if frightened to be extinguished immediately and few were those who saw it, but this selected crowd began to share their revelation to others. They tried to put the warmth and comfort they felt in words. Some succeeded while others failed. Some dressed these emotions in colour and shape. Some created objects and artifacts to explain it. Some started produce melodies and rhythms to make others understand.

What were they trying to explain? Why did it feel so important to them to spread these messages? These are rightful questions, but more important is to ask oneself, what would have happened if they would not have spread this light over an otherwise darkened world? The Storytellers of the ancient are confident that civilization, peace and beauty would never have seen the daylight and people would still kill each other for they would not know what else to do.

The light spread from man to man and as the earth turned the enlightened people increased in number and harmony started taking a place in our cruel world. Of course there were people who did not like this new world order at all. They had reached a highly placed position in the world thanks to this constant killing and warfare. Their stomachs were full and their power vast. A number of alliances were founded to fight back this new threat. Some fought using firepower. Some used money and influence, while yet others tried to use the same forums within which the light were spread.

As the ages evolved the light spreaders and the light resisters tried to annihilate each other. The spreaders using the light itself and the resisters using the powers of weaponry, money and influence. The struggle continues today and will continue until one side completely destroys the other one. This war is hard to follow for those who have not yet seen the light, for the fight does not take lives or mutilate people's bodies. But the resisters are trying to chase the light out of us by choking our souls and bring back the ages of darkness so they can once again rule the world.

The war rages on